How Fast Does Corn Grow?


How fast corn grows and how fast it should grow is a topic for debate among many. Some feel as though big name companies increase their growth rate and size by adding certain chemicals to help it grow. Whether that is truly the case or not, the average home garden with corn planted can expect their corn to be full grown about 6-8 weeks after it's planted. If planted in early Spring by mid Summer the corn will be ready for the picking.
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The corn growth varies on the type of seed planted. Seeds of corn vary from 3 to 4 months in growth. Watering, temperature and weather are a factor in the corn growth as well.
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3 to 4 days.
I am from the country and corn grows in just about everybody's front or back yard. But, corn grows best in warm, sunny places where there is not a lot of moisture.
Corn grows quickly! A study done in July showed it grows an average of a little over 5 1-2
Shuck the corn. Pull off the husk completely and break off the stem near the base of the ear. Remove all the corn silk and discard it in the trash or compost it. Bring a pot of water
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Plant your seeds in full sun and space them out. You will also want some well drains soil. Your corn will be ready about 2 weeks after you see the silk appear. ...
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