How Fast Does Jupiter Rotate?


In spite of how enormous Jupiter is, it is rotating very fast on its axis. It only takes 9.56 hours for Jupiter to complete a rotation in comparison to the 24 hours it takes the Earth.
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Jupiter rotates backwards . It spins anti clockwise! Only Venus rotates clockwise, all of the other. planets. rotate anti clockwise. To date.
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Jupiter spins the fastest out of all the planets and it spins on its axis. The average rotation is 9.9 hours. It has a equatorial rotation velocity of 12.6 m/sec ...
The fact that Jupiter is so large does not slow it down. It spins fairly quickly on its axis, taking only a little over 9 hours to complete a rotation. ...
Jupiter completely rotates on its axis once every 9.9 hours. Jupiter rotates faster than any other planet in the solar system. Determining the rotation speed of ...
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