How Fast Does Jupiter Rotate?


In spite of how enormous Jupiter is, it is rotating very fast on its axis. It only takes 9.56 hours for Jupiter to complete a rotation in comparison to the 24 hours it takes the Earth.
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Jupiter takes about 9 hours 56 minutes to do one full rotation, compared to 24 hours here on Earth which means it is travelling at 12.6 km/s.
Jupiter's diameter is 88,000
There are only a few possibilities. * Jupiter might have rotated even far faster yet earlier in its lifetime, having slowed to the presently seen rate after five billion years. This
In our solar system, Mercury has the shortest orbit of 88 Earth days. Venus takes 225 Earth days to revolve around the sun, Mars 687 days, Jupiter 12 years, Saturn 29.5 years, Uranus
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The fact that Jupiter is so large does not slow it down. It spins fairly quickly on its axis, taking only a little over 9 hours to complete a rotation. ...
Jupiter completely rotates on its axis once every 9.9 hours. Jupiter rotates faster than any other planet in the solar system. Determining the rotation speed of ...
At the equator, Mars has a rotational speed of 868.22 km/h. It takes 24 hours, 39 minutes and 35 seconds to complete one solar day which is almost the same as ...
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