How Fast Does the Body Metabolize Alcohol?


How fast the body will metabolize alcohol depends on a number of things including the sex of the person, their weight, and what is in their stomach. It also depends on how healthy their liver is since the liver has the biggest part in metabolizing alcohol. Genetics and how often you drink also can make a difference. The rule of thumb is one beer per hour is what the average person can process.
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The general barroom rule of thumb is that an average person can process about one beer or one shot of liquor each hour. Any more than that and alcohol collects in the bloodstream
74 ounces of grain alcohol? Death. 74 ounces of liquor? If it doesn't kill you, you'll wanna die. Wine won't be that far off either. Beer, on the other hand, assuming a domestic (
Alcohol is metabolized extremely quickly by the body. Unlike foods, which
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