How Fast is Technology Advancing?


Technology is advancing very fast, new inventions and more efficient devices coming out all the time. New phones, computers, radios, and much more have been rapidly developing over the years! You can find out more information here:
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Technology is advancing at a pace of 5 million new ideas/inventions a second, this means that in the future things that are important now, such as the environment will no longer exist
Restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) became one of the first widespread tests for DNA profiling in the 1980s, but since then it has mostly fallen out of use in common research
A Pittsburgh startup, HyperActive Technologies, is
Well as far as technology advancement, it is constantly going and the computer industry has been fast growing for a long time. As far as slowing down, not likely. Though they are
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Technology typically is very fast in terms of what we are aware of. An example would be computers which are outdated fairly quickly. Most experts say overall advancement ...
Sometimes children seem to grow up too fast especially with the advance in technology and speedy access to information. Some of the key indicators that show children ...
LCD monitors have a lifespan of approximately ten years. For most, this is acceptable, since the fast rate of technological advance causes most to replace their ...
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