How Fast Is the Speed of Sound?


The speed of sound is determined on the medium in which the sound travels under. Sound travels fastest in air. Sound speed is also determined by altitude. Speed of sound is faster in higher altitudes than at the sea level
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The speed of sound varies depending on the temperature, pressure, and density of the medium through which the sound waves travel. For dry air at sea level at 68° F, the speed of sound is 767 miles per hour, or 1235 km/h
The speed of sound varies depending upon the medium through which the sound is traveling and the temperature of the medium. In dry air at 20 degrees celcius, sound travels at an approximate rate of 340.29 meters per second. The speed of sound in water at 20 degrees celcius is approximately 1482 meters per second.
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A sound is a wave of vibration that passes through the air. The speed of sound measures the distance a wave travels in a period of time. This is equal to 1,125 feet per second.
Sound always travels at the same speed. The speed of sound varies by medium and temperature. Aerospaceweb seems to conclude that the speed of sound on the surface of Mars is roughly
"The speed of sound in air is 331.5 m/s at 0 degrees C."
A sound wave will travel at approximately 343 m/s; this is approximately equal to 750 miles/hour.
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The average speed of sound in the atmosphere is about 700 mph. The sound waves move slower the higher up in altitude you go. The speed of sound ALWAYS remains ...
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The speed of sound does depend on your altitude as well as what the sound is traveling through. If it is traveling through the air at sea level then the speed ...
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