How Fast Will a Whitespire Birch Tree Grow?


Whitespire birch trees grow, on average, two feet per year. Birch trees can reach heights of 40 to 50 feet. Whitespires are popular and resistant to attack by pests.
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A rapidly growing tree, 'Whitespire' birch averages 12 to 18 inches of growth annually. 'Whitespire' has the potential to grow 40 to 50 feet tall and be 30 inches wide. It has white
Silver birch will grow up to 60' to 100' tall.
Cypress trees are fast growing trees which means they will grow to 25" or
I really think the double-trunked River Birch trees are so much nicer than the single trunked ones. I have single that was given to me, but want to plant a double. How can I get a
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How Fast Will a Whitespire Birch Tree Grow?
The variety of birch, 'Whitespire' is a popular landscape plant. Its resistance to attack by the bronze birch borer, which kills other varieties of birch, make it a good choice for the urban landscape.... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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