How Fossils Are Made?


Many fossils were made when an animal or plant died and slid into water. Silt then covered it, and the layers pressed down upon it. That pressure turned the surrounding silt to rock, which captured the animal/plant permanently in rock. You can find more information here:
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One of the earth's precious commodities, fossil fuels takes millions of years to form. These non-renewable resources form when natural resources and past organisms - such as plants
First The Dinosaur Dies of old age or sickness or killed by a carnivore,The it's skin is Eaten Or rotted away, Then there's nothing but the bones left so over time it turns into rock
Fossil fuels are formed from the preserved remains of organisms that have settled to the
1. Research the regions of Alabama that have known presence of rock fossils. Ideal areas in Alabama that fossils have been found in previously are located in and around the northeast
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Fossils can actually be formed many ways. They can be made by freezing, drying, formed in asphalt, and even in amber. Such as the scorpions and spiders that are found in amber, they are fossils, and almost perfectly preserved! You can find more information here:
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