How Good Are Halogen Heaters?


Halogen heaters are an economical way to heat rooms. They come in different sizes, and some will distribute the heat by oscilating. Halogen heaters do not blow out air like fan heaters, but warm the air around them which makes for more efficiency.
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Quartz infrared heaters produce heat by electromagnetic radiation through rapidly vibrating or rotating molecules. These molecules travel in a straight line and heat objects - and
Better then AO Smith IMHO
800 watts is 0.8 of a unit. (8/10 = 4/5) and the cost depends on your suppliers rate, typically about 12p per unit (Kw/h) so if you have this heater full on it will cost about 10p
I'm trying to see how long a mains (240v) Halogen Heater will run for from a Car battery (not connected to engine, just standalone). I want to use an Inverter connected to the car
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