How Hard Does It Take to Die from Getting Hit in the Temple?


A person doesn't have to get hit hard in the temple to cause serious problems and even death. This is a very sensitive area. Even being slightly bumped in the temple area can cause rupturing of the meningeal artery.
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You do not automatically die if you get hit on the temple area.
It is not known, the temple protects the skull. It has arteries which could rupture with force. Ask!
possibly,depending on how hard it is,beacuse when i was 8 i got hit in the temple by my big brother as you can see im not dead.
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In most cases, you will not die from a hit in the temple. If the hit is bad enough to crack your skull or actually cause your brain to move around in your head, ...
You do not have to be hit in the head all that hard to suffer damage. Concussions can occur from simply shaking your head hard. Take my word for it to get checked ...
What happens when you get hit in the temple will depend on how hard the blow is. There is a common belief that being hit in the temple will cause brain damage ...
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