How Hard Is It to Get into UCLA?


It can be hard to get into UCLA because so many people apply to get into the school each year. You will have to have a great GPA score. Also, you will need have great references as well.
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UCLA looks at many areas including test scores but also personal experiences in
It's very hard to get into. Let me put it this way if I was the guy who accepts people into UCLA and I saw your transcript I'd probably accept you, but you never know how these things
The international admit rate for UCLA is not much less compared to in-state admit rate (18% vs. 21%). To be eligible to apply, you should complete the a-g requirements and take the
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It can be somewhat hard to get into UCLA film school. You have to make good grades and meet some requirements. The film program only take 30 students per year. ...
To get admitted to the University of California Los Angeles, you will need to have a good GPA, good SAT scores and write an outstanding essay. ...
You need good to have a high GPA and high SAT scores to get accepted into UCLA. You also need to take the ACT Assessment plus the ACT Writing Test. ...
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