How Has Technology Changed Art?


With the use of technology, a new form of artist has emerged changing how some view art and how some express their artistic ability. Graphic designers are able to create images through many types of programs that just can't be done on a piece of paper. The 3D art is more detailed, the creativity is endless and often times flawless because of the computer helping generate the art. This type of art is sought out more frequently and people will pay upwards of thousands of dollars to have custom made graphic designs made for them, their businesses and their websites.
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Many have claimed the computer is the single greatest invention of the last century, and there are now more and more computers making it into the classroom. This is of great importance
A social technology: the idea of limited government, individual rights, and especially freedom of speech, without which we'd be living in an uptight and repressive sex-negative world
it's changed in many ways like the internet and televsions, cell phones, all of it technology has really changed it's changed in many ways like the internet and televsions, cell phones
The most important technological development to impact the global business environment is the world of computers. There are various programs which help maintain records of inventories
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