How Has Television Changed Our Lives?


Television has changed our lives in a number of ways. It has has some positive effects with regards to education, entertainment and providing current world events closer to the people. There have been some negative effects that television has brought. This is especially evident in the social and health aspects. People who spend a lot of time watching TV also become more accustomed to a lethargic lifestyle and interact less with people.
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What is ICT? To a large extent it depends on who watches what. In many cases people have lost communication skills and the ability to express themselves (yes these are two different
There are a variety of ways good and bad that have changed our lives. With television we can see the world around us. A bad thing is that we gain weight from sitting down and watching
This is the TV ELECTRONICS forum - wrong place for your question, although I know Y/A's computers probably dumped you here because you put TV in you title. You want Y/A's "Entertainment
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