How Has Television Changed over the Years?


Television has changed in many ways over the years including technologically, physically ( shape and size) and socially. The television sets are generally smaller in size with new features like high definition (HD), have different shapes, have clarity of picture and sound and are generally affordable. There is a great increase in the number of channels, range of programmes including reality shows and most TV stations today run 24 hour programming as opposed to years back.
Q&A Related to "How Has Television Changed over the Years?"
Some of the kids television has changed in many ways. There are some shows that are too inappropriate for kids, Drake&Josh for example. It isn't just meant for teenagers, it is
ER first came to television in 1994. It's been on for 14
While there has been a rapid change in the content of television shows, I still feel that a few old concepts were better. Nowadays there is no clear policy.
Well, 20 years ago, no one said "butt". Commercials for every "female" problem were not in common circulation. You didn't show women in bras on commercials, you
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