How Has the Internet Changed?


The internet has changed based on the scope of its operations. It is responsible for the current globalised world, from the time when it was used on a small scale in a few classified locations. Internet has also improved life, changed the way work is done and this have made life processes and information flow much easier.
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The internet has definitely changed through out the years, not only has it become a bit safer but it also has more capabilities and offers more to it's users.
Initially the Internet was only used buy the Government. It has grown to universities and businesses over the years. Email and electronic bill pay has almost replaced the Post Office. You can perform almost all tasks on the Internet.
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Start Internet Explorer, Click on Tools menu, Click Internet Options, Click on General Tab, In the Address box, type the web page you want to be your home page.
1. Launch Internet Explorer and click the "Tools" button located on the top panel. Scroll down and click "Internet Options" to open the options console. 2. Click
1. Click the "Start" button in the Windows task bar. 2. Click "Control Panel. Click "Network and Internet. Click the "Internet Options" button. 3. Click
1. Close out of all other browsers and open Internet Explorer. Click on either the icon on the bottom of the "Start" menu, or type Internet Explorer in the search bar. 2
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