How Has the Light Bulb Changed Our Lives?


The light bulb has changed our lives so that we can do things at night and to see better. In years gone back long before today, December 29, 2012, they had no lights. They had to use lanterns that burned kerosene. Not only was it unhealthy to inhale, but it was dangerous. Things have so much improved with artificial lighting.
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Frigidaire began mass producing electric refrigerators in 1918, and by the 1930s the name was synonymous with the appliance. Early to mid-20th century refrigerator technology involved
think about it, life with out lamps streetlights neon signs flashlights and anything else with a lightbulb
Well an way for you to Judge would be to try to live with out it for just 2 nights. It would give you an true feeling of what it was to live with the poor light of. candle's and oil
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Before electricity people lived by the light of candles, oil and sometimes only the daylight itself. Cooking was done by wood stoves and heating water for baths ...
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The light bulb changed the world because it allowed for the use of light by electricity. Before that the only light provided was either natural daylight or by ...
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