How Has the Oil Spill Affected the Coastal Waters of the Gulf of Mexico?


Because of the oil spill, there were thousands of animals that died and some species that were nearly wiped out on the cosastal waters. The waters continue to be dangerous to swim in and those areas have been closed off. There are also some areas of the Gulf of Mexico that contain contaminated seafood. It's estimated that the coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico won't be completely cleaned for another 10 years.
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Mostly it affected fisherman because after eating the sea food they got sick but it not only affected them but us because some people eat sea food others sea food is probably the
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You could research the Exxon Valdeez oil spill to see how it affected the environment, then compare that environment to the swamp/marsh environment if the oil spill were to spread
has the oil spill in Gulf of Mexico affected Louisiana....... BP has agreed to pay $70 million in grants over the coming months to help promote tourism around the oil-threatened shores
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The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico affected the environment by polluting the beaches and the water, killing fish, birds and dolphins, and affected the life cycle ...
The oil spill within the Gulf of Mexico has only 25 percent removed from the water. There was even approximately five inches of oil settling at the bottom of the ...
The ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico is affected by the oil spill in various ways. The oil has killed several smaller organisms, which are a valuable food supply ...
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