How Has Travel and Tourism Developed since 1945?


Since 1945, the socio economic status of most households in the UK changed. Many of them owned cars and were able to travel more. Technological development also brought an improvement in this sector as people were able to travel both domestically and overseas. Seaside resorts were also developed, as well as holiday packages, which encouraged people to travel more.
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1. More holidays. All countries in the developing world have increased the number of holidays a person can expect to receive by law. A hundred years ago a person would be lucky to
In 1945 there was practically no tourism. World War II sort of got in the way. Most people who traveled did so by train or ship. Air travel was still very early in development. Since
Cheap air travel (for now-until the fuel runs out) then we'll all be holidaying in our local areas again!
There have been numerous developments in painting and
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