How Do Elephants Adapt to Their Environment?


Elephants are well adapted to their environment because they have big tusks that they use to dig into the soil. These tusks are also used to pick up plants and roots for them to eat. Their teeth are adapted for tearing off and cutting plants.
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1. Take inventory of what you already have and modify that to keep the elephant from getting really bored. 2. Don't place all of their food in one location. Hide the food - even hay
This is an answer I got from somewhere else: They are very large so this helps to protect them from predators. Their large size also helps them to gather food as they can reach high
Students create posters or skits based on specific adaptive characteristics of elephant seals. Most of these adaptations will be observable on the field trip.
All living things learn to adapt to their changing environment in order to survive. Adapting to a changing environment has really been a road through evolution for a every species
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