How Heavy Is the Moon?


The mass on the moon is only 1.2% the mass of the earth. It is however 27% the size of the earth. This means that when standing on the surface of the moon, you are much closer to the centre of gravity. This is why your weight on the moon is much less than your weight on the earth.
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mars's moon phobos weighs exactly: well it shouldnt weigh that much because its in sppace and it has no gravity.
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The moon weighs 1.62039763^23 power in pounds. WOW!
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Although the moon appears light and floaty, do not be fooled. The moon weighs approximately 81 billion tons, which how much I feel like I weigh after a dinner at my favorite restaurant. The earth weighs approximately 6 sextillion tons which 6 and twenty zeros.
The moon is quite a bit smaller than planet Earth, coming in at 7.3459x10^19 metric tons compared to the Earth's weight of 5.9742x10^21 metric tons. The moon right around 251,094 miles from the Earth.
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