How High above Sea Level Is My House?


To find out how high ones house is above the sea level, one could visit Google maps or use other survey tools such as local maps. One could also find this information online from websites such as ordnancesurvey.
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Well clouds can be as high as they want.Just not in space because there is no moisture. Or they can be as low as the ground.Like smog, fog, ect)
Blacksburg, VA has an elevation of 2080 feet above sea level. Keep
Everest is the highest mountain in the world standing a stunning 8848m
16,404.2 ft
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To find out how high your house is above sea level, download Google Earth, type your town name and search. Move the pointer over your house and it will tell you the altitude. You can also use a topographical map of your area, it is usually indicated.
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In order to find out your sea level, you would need to know where you are located. So, you will have to look at a map of sea levels and figure it out yourself ...
Your elevation or height above sea level is the altitude of your position relative to the average sea level datum. You can get this information online on websites ...
To find your altitude (height above sea level), download google earth, load the program and type in your address. Hit the search button and move your mouse over ...
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