How High Can a Mouse Jump?


Most individuals are surprised to discover that field mice can jump surprisingly high. In fact, a field mouse can jump as high as eighteen inches. Furthermore, rats are able to jump twice as high as mice can.This is why anyone will tell you that just because you put something up high, it does not mean a mouse cannot get to it.
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The average that a mouse can jump in height is about a foot, but they can jump pretty far in length, much farther than height, about 4 feet in length.
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As small as mice are they can jump up to twelve inches high. Mice can get to places you'd never dream they could get to. If they want to go higher bad enough they will do it.
A mouse can jump approximately 12 inches high.
Mice can jump 12" high, run up the sides of buildings and cross cables and wires. Is it a
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