How High Can a Mouse Jump?


Most individuals are surprised to discover that field mice can jump surprisingly high. In fact, a field mouse can jump as high as eighteen inches. Furthermore, rats are able to jump twice as high as mice can.This is why anyone will tell you that just because you put something up high, it does not mean a mouse cannot get to it.
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Different species of dolphins have varied jumping abilities, with the Pacific white-sided dolphin probably getting the grand prize for height. At the John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago
Around 18 " high, thanks!
mice can jump surprisingly high. 18 inches is common. we have field mice (roof rats) where I am, and they would easily be able to jump from such a can. rats are also good jumpers,
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The average that a mouse can jump in height is about a foot, but they can jump pretty far in length, much farther than height, about 4 feet in length.
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