How High Can a Rat Jump?


Rats can jump 36 inches vertically. They can also jump 48 inches horizontally, can reach vertically or horizontally about 15 inches, and can jump 8 feet from a tree to a house, from a height of 15 feet above the roof.
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1. Sit down on a chair or the floor and spread your legs into a V-shape. 2. Place your rat on your left leg and hold a treat in your right hand above your right leg. This way if he
Depends, but even enormous fatties like my boys can clear the edge of my bathtub (about 2 feet) I'd definitely be supervising them closely. Make sure that you don't have anything
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In 1993, the Cuban athlete Zavier Sotomayor set the record for the highest high jump at 2.45 metres for the men's category. The record for the female high jump ...
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The high jump world record is 2.45 metres and this was set by Cuban Javier Sotomayor Sanabria on 23rd July 1993 in Salamanca. Javier is regarded as the best high ...
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