How High Can Birds Fly?


Most birds fly below 500 feet except during migration or hunting. They do this in order to conserve energy. One of the highest flights recorded for birds was a flock of whooping swans observed flying at 29,000 feet over Ireland. You can find more information here:
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by wind, and they flap there wings, and they are light, so they get pushes in the air high enough.
1. Using a pencil, sketch the outline of a bird's body (without wings) on a piece of drawing paper. If you want the bird to glide in the air, the body should be straight. If the bird
So far, 37,900 feet...over 7 miles... Source(s):
Well the most famous for speed is by far the peregrine falcon. its hunting technique is to 'dive' from high in the sky in order to strike a pigeon...which is faster than it at level
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