How High Can Coyotes Jump?


The coyote is a type of wolf found throughout North and Central America. A coyote can run at a speed of up to 69 km/h and can jump a distance of over 13 feet.
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They can easily clear a 6-foot fence and have been observed leaping onto surfaces 10 feet high.
Research indicates that a coyote can go over a 6-foot high fence and be in your yard in
Coyotes can jump 5.5 feet into the air. They live up to 15 years in the wild and can weigh 15-45 lbs.
Coyotes can easily jump a fence up to 6 feet tall. If you are going to keep such animals they need to be in a wildlife proof pen, completely covered and "dig proof" as well
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Coyotes have been known to scale 10 foot fences to get to pets or other food sources or even water. Scaling a 6 foot fence would really be no problem.
Coyotes can jump fences. They can actually jump a fence that is as high as 5 or six feet. And, they are also very good diggers and will dig under a fence as well. 
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