How High Can Rabbits Jump?


Most rabbits can jump about 12-18 inches over an obstacle without being in panic. If they are really scared they can go up to 36 inches high, which in most cases is rare.
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a couple of feet.
1. Imagine what you want to draw before you begin. The head, with ears slightly angled back, the back of the rabbit extended, the busy tail, and front and back legs outstretched.
Most rabbits can not jump more than 2 feet in the air.
The official world record in high jump for rabbits is 995 millimeters (39.17 in). That is high!
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Rabbits can jump at least 3 feet, and possibly higher. They come in white, black and white, brown black and are very soft. The make great pets if you no how to take care of them.
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