How high is too high for a fever in a 2 year old?


According to Seattle Children’s Hospital, a doctor should be consulted immediately if a child's temperature exceeds 103 degrees Fahrenheit and is not reduced within two hours of taking fever medication. In addition, parents should note other symptoms that occur.

Seattle Children's also recommends checking with a doctor if a 2-year-old has a rectal, ear or temporal artery temperature above 100.4 degrees or an armpit temperature of 99 degrees and if the fever lasts for 24 hours. WebMD points out that fevers are often beneficial, because they are an indication that the body's immune system is at work. Fevers alone do not indicate the degree of illness. A child with a simple cold sometimes has a fever of 104 degrees, but a serious infection occasionally shows no fever.

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102 Degree F. (around 38.9 C) is usually the highest a fever in anyone should go, regardless of age (and including 13 year olds) without making contact with a health care professional
Ok, Oh MY Gosh, I am stunned by some of these answers! 1st of all, rule of thumb is to add a degree if you are taking temp under arm (most accurate is booty temp) so his temp is closer
Temperatures of 103 and above are
Is your daughter showing any other symptoms? Stiff neck, diarrhea, vomiting, convulsions, etc? And how are you taking the temperature? Orally or underarm? If underarm temp goes above
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