How High Should a Fireplace Mantel Be?


How high should a fireplace mantel be depends upon how high you want it to be. Many mantels are are four and a half feet off of the ground. The mantels can be made of concrete or wood.
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1. Hang a large painting above the mantel. Select a large piece of artwork that corresponds with the general decor theme of your home, or the room in which your fireplace is. Make
You can build a fireplace mantel from wood that you've cut to size, then sanded and finished as you like. Install the mantel with lag bolts into the wall so it's sturdy and won't
It depends on the size of your house, the height of the mantel shelf on the fireplace is not fixed.
1 Understand the theme of your room. Select items for your fireplace mantel that will match the rest of your space. Then add 1 large ornamental object to create attention to the mantel
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Designing a fireplace mantel can be a fun and creative experience. There is no set height that a fireplace mantel must be from the floor, but it usually is about ...
While there are not any set rules that say a fireplace mantel should be so high from the fireplace, a mantel that is a foot above the fireplace may just look awkward ...
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