How High Should a Fireplace Mantle Be?


While there are not any set rules that say a fireplace mantel should be so high from the fireplace, a mantel that is a foot above the fireplace may just look awkward. The whole idea behind the mantel is to allow the fireplace to fit into the rest of the room. Otherwise the fireplace just looks like a hole in the wall. The mantel generally sits about 6 inches high from the top of the fireplace up the wall, and sticks out no more than an inch and a half.
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A fireplace mantle can be as high or low as you like. Make sure it is high enough to withstand heat from the fireplace. Some people allow 12 inches all around. You can find more info at:
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Build a fireplace mantle out of lumber that is at least one and one half inches thick. Attach this to the wall using brackets that are screwed into the studs of the wall.You can find
1. Clean stone and other masonry mantles with a solution of gentle detergent and hot water. Use a sponge or plastic abrasive pad to loosen stubborn soot and ash. 2. Use grout cleaner
Most mantle tops sre about 5' to 5'6" from the floor. This provide s most items to look at , at approx eye level. Some things come into play such as the top height of the chamber
There are a number of online websites where one can purchase cheap fireplace mantels. Some of these websites include Decorative Concepts, Home Depot, Mantels Direct and Lowe's.
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A mirror should be hung approximately 15 centimetres over the mantle. Having a mirror hanging over your fireplace mantle enables you create the illusion of a more ...
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How high should a fireplace mantel be depends upon how high you want it to be. Many mantels are are four and a half feet off of the ground. The mantels can be ...
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