How High Should a Handrail Be?


A handrail should be mounted so that the top of the handrail measures 33-38 inches from the ground. Most handrails are mounted 36 inches from the ground but as long as it is within the tolerance it is acceptable.
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Small children can fall through this handrail. deck image by Albert Lozano from According to most building codes, you should have a handrail where there are more than
Standard minimum railing height is 36" from finished floor, according the the IRC 2003 building code.
In all construction, handrails must be graspable (not a 2 by 4) usually 1 - to 2
Approved document K of the latest building regulations state that a handrail should be no less than 900mm in height and up to 1000mm measuring from floor to top of hand rail......
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How High Should a Handrail Be
There isn't a person alive that hasn't experienced that heart stopping moment when you think you're about to slip or fall on a staircase. Without thinking, your hands automatically fly out to grab hold to something--anything--to stop the fall. If... More »
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