How High Should I Hang a Bathroom Mirror?


You should hang a bathroom mirror high enough so that you can look directly at it and see your face. Therefore, it must be parallel with your eye-level. If it is a long mirror, the same idea still applies, but you'll want it to also be low enough to see the rest of your body, too.
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The height that suits you most. (Your hight)
1. Measure your bathroom vanity and find the center. Mark the center on the wall over the vanity with a pencil. Measure the mirror and find the center. Mark the center of the mirror
It depends on how tall or short you are and whether you want a full body view or just the face and shoulders. Have someone hold mirror on the wall and average for yourself how high
Perhaps your family is growing and you've added a new bathroom to your home. Now you want to hang a bathroom mirror. The good news is that you can hang a bathroom mirror in a very
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How high you should hang your mirror depends on what part of your body you want to see when you look into it and how large the mirror is. ...
Hanging a mirror in the bathroom can be done just like hanging any other mirror. You will want to make sure that the mirror is level and not crooked in any way ...
Learning how to hand a large bathroom mirror can seems a bit overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. The first step in hanging the mirror is to measure the area ...
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