How High to Hang Bluebird Houses?


A bluebird house should be hung about four to five feet high from the ground. It can be mounted to a post or tree, but trees are less desirable since they allow easy access by predators. The birdhouse should be mounted so it faces a tree or shrub that is within 100 feet away. This is important so young birds can fly to safety when they leave the nest.
Q&A Related to "How High to Hang Bluebird Houses?"
1. Choose your location carefully. Bluebirds are partial to pen areas that aren't crowded or hemmed in by houses or trees. Areas that have sparse, tall trees are ideal for bluebirds
Five feet is the preferred height, if you put it higher, starlings and English sparrows may take it over.
Blue Bird house should be place 4 to 6 feet off the ground.
Hi Gayla. The rule of thumb is "eye high" It should be so that when you open it from the side or front on your weekly checks or in trapping house sparrows (if they are a
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