How hot or cold is Saturn?


Scientists cannot say what the exact temperatures on Saturn are, but the temperature at the core of the planet is believed to be as high as 11,700 degrees Centigrade. The outer layer of the planet is made up of ammonia ice clouds, and can get as cold as -250 degrees Centigrade.
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Saturn is extremely cold.
The core of the planet Saturn gets to a staggering temperature of 11,700 degrees Celsius, whereas the coldest temperature on Saturn is said to have reached -150 Celsius on it's outer
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Saturn is a mostly cold planet, with areas that reach temperatures as low as minus 270 F. There are some regions of the planet that feature temperatures of 80 ...
Saturn is a very cold plant, is it -285 degrees F and -175 degrees C. Like earth, Saturn has seasons too. The seasons on Saturn lasts about 7 1/2 years. ...
Saturn is the second largest planet, with seven rings around it. The temperatures at the top of Saturn’s clouds is -285 degrees F. The planet is said to ...
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