How Hot does a 60 Watt Light Bulb Get?


If left on for a long time a 60 watt light bulb can get hot enough to burn you. Any light bulb that is on for a long period of time can get hot enough to burn.
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The surface temperature of light bulbs in ambient temperature of 77F, is: 25W - 110F 40W - 252F 60W - 260F.
1. Turn off all power to the circuit that is being converted. If you aren't sure which switch controls that circuit, turn all of the switches off. 2. Cut the 40-watt socket off of
That depends on the technology used. Different light bulbs produce different amounts of light for the same power.
Light Bulb contains a resistive Filament. When electricity passes through it, as per Joule's Law H=I^2*R*t. Usually bulb heat upto 300 degree centigrade. Hence they are filled with
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One of the most common light bulbs used today, the 60-watt bulb is used in millions of houses throughout the United States. However, the traditional 60-watt bulb ...
The filament in an incandescent light bulb gets very hot. A standard 60 watt light bulb's filament can get over 4500F. The surface temperature of the light bulb ...
A general service 100 watt light bulb can get as hot as 400-500 degrees. Some of the heavier duty bulbs can get even hotter. That is a good reason to turn off ...
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