How Hot Is Fire?


Fire can be pretty darn hot! A small home candle can burn at 760 degrees and that is just a single flame. A large roaring fire can burn in upwards of 3500 degrees. You can find more information here:
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The temperature of a wood fire all depends on the kind of wood you are burning and the location and size of your fire. I would day most fires range from 1200-1500 degrees fahrenheit
1. Select a dry and flat area of land to build your fire on. Make sure you choose a spot away from overhanging trees and dry bushes and grass. You don't want hot embers igniting any
Its hot as any regular fire enough to burn you i guarantee that.
Hot Air Balloon stays into air due to hot air. Hot air has less density hence it goes up in normal or cold air. Hot air balloon is made with ruff ad tough polythene or polycarbonate
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How to Make a Hot Fire
There's nothing quite like getting back to nature with a visit to a secluded log cabin without any power, or going camping in the middle of nowhere with just a tent for shelter. If you find that the temperature unexpectedly drops during your outdoor... More »
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Temperature maps often use colors to describe the actual heat of a flame or fire. Most maps include colors like dark red, light red, yellow, orange, white, and ...
Depending on the type of wood and the conditions involved, a wood fire can begin to burn at approximately 300 degrees Fahrenheit, but full flames typically require ...
Forest fires occur in areas where climates are moist enough to allow the growth of trees and shrubs, but have extended dry, hot periods. It is common in warm forested ...
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