How Hot Is Saturn?


Saturn is the second largest planet, with seven rings around it. The temperatures at the top of Saturn’s clouds is -285 degrees F. The planet is said to give off about 2.5 times as much heat as it receices from the sun.
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The tilt of Saturn's axis causes the sun to heat the planet's northern and southern halves unequally, resulting in seasons and temperature changes. Each season lasts about 7 1/2 Earth
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The temperature at the top of Saturn's clouds averages -285 degrees F (175 degrees C) and
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Saturn is a huge planet that is surrounded by clouds. At the top of the clouds the temperature is 'minus 285 degrees!' Below the clouds it's much warmer. You can find more information here:
Saturn has a surface temperature of -285 degrees Fahrenheit. Saturn's temperature is so much colder than the Earth's due to it being so far from the Sun.
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