How do you use an Internet posted stamp?


When using an internet posted stamp or an intelligent stamp you have to flash your Smartphone's camera over the stamp. On doing this, the phone will automatically guide you toward online content specific to that stamp.
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As of May 11, 2009, postcard stamps cost $28. To be safe, always check with your local post office before relinquishing your postcard. For more information see here:
1. Visit the online website for the United States Postal Service (link in Resources section below). 2. Set up an account by clicking on the sign-in tab or by choosing items to add
1. Purchase stamps as you need them from your mail carrier if you live on a rural route. Rural route carriers usually carry enough stamps to meet their customers' mailing needs. Give
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A postcard stamp is a stamp that accompanies the postcard. A post card is a card that is sent through post. A postcard usually contains messages. The price of ...
The price of first class stamps is 60pence, up from 46pence in April. Second class stamps are 50pence. These stamps are available in post offices. You can also ...
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