How Is a Poem Different to a Story?


The main difference amid a song and a poem is that a story is anything written longer and in dialogue whereas a poem is a song written in words and that rhymes or follows a certain rhythm and style.
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Poems are usually wrote around emotions and situations. So you can have any type emotion poem. For example there are love poems, sad poems, death poems, or new birth poems. And the
a poems ment to rhyme a story is ment top be interesting
1. Introduce the Protagonist in the first stanzas, or the person the poem is about. Take for instance the Australian ballad "The Man from Ironbark" the first line is, "
There are different kinds of poems from the from the ballad to the couplet. To the quatrain and the cingain find a word that rhyme such as rain on the cane. There's the Iambic pentameter
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A poem has rhyming words in each line. A story may have rhyming words,but there is a few only. A poem is short,but a story is long. the similarities of a story ...
A poem that tells a story, which is comparable to a folk tale or a legend, is known as a ballad. The poem often has a repeated refrain and is one of the many forms ...
When you are writing a story poem you will need to introduce the protagonist and the antagonist to let the reader know the people that are characterized in the ...
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