How is a rainbow formed?


A rainbow it formed when the sun's rays are bent and reflected off of rain. It's arch is actually just a part of a complete circle but our eyes only see the arch because the light from the sun is refracted by droplets at approximately a 42 degree angle. This angle is so large that the rainbow itself appears at the middle point and opposite of the sun.
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Light travels in waves. The light's wavelength determines its perceived color. Short wavelength light, for example, appears blue, and long wavelength light appears red. Sunlight is
Then reflected (& magnified) off the back of the raindrop & passes
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Rainbows form when sunlight is refracted into separate colors by water droplets. We usually see rainbows as arcs due to each individual color refracting at different angles.
Though a rainbow spans a continuous spectrum of colors, the human eye usually perceives bands of seven distinct colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.
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