How Is a Rhombus Similar to a Square?


A rhombus and a square are similar because they both have parallel sides. A square is always a rhombus but the opposite is not true, a rhombus is not always a square. If their angles are not right angles, then they are not considered squares.
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A rhombus is similar to a square because they both have parallel sides. A rhombus can be a square, but a square can not be a rhombus.
A rhombus is any equilateral parallelogram except a square. It's an
All squares are rhombuses, but not all rhombuses are squares. squares have four congruent sides, the diagonals are perpendicular, but squares have four congruent angles.
Sometimes a rhombus can also be a square: Following table provides a comparative analysis of a rhombus and a square. Property .. importance of rhombus As depicted in the table above
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