How is a salon hood dryer operated?


A salon hood dryer is operated according to the specific manufacturer instructions. There are a wide variety of hooded dryer types, and although they all have the same basic function, each offers its own particular benefits and instructions, much like most products.

According to Hot Air Brush Reviews, a hooded dryer is used by many hair salons as an alternative to a hand held dryer because it requires much less effort and it generally provides better, and quicker, drying results. Most hooded dryers have a large head piece, or hood, which fits over the head. The hood is connected to a pole which is usually adjustable to ensure comfort for various height levels. As Hot Air Reviews notes, many hooded dryers also have an adjustable bonnet or visor which allows for the various hair styling options like large curlers or updos. Long Healthy Hair Advisor suggests that using a hooded dryer is essential for maintaining healthy hair. In addition to the quick drying benefits, hooded dryers help tremendously with deep conditioning the hair. Long Healthy Hair Advisor maintains that the overall heat allows the conditioner to soak in more thoroughly because the heat opens up the cuticles in the hair.

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1. Plug the hood dryer into a power outlet. 2. Clamp the base of the hood dryer to the back of a chair. Alternatively, you can sit the hood dryer flat on a table behind where you
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