How is a Sapphire Formed?


A sapphire is formed by heat and pressure. Aluminum oxide in abundance under enough heat and pressure will form corundum (sapphire). Sapphires come in almost every color due to impurities mixed in with the aluminum oxide. Red sapphires are called rubies. You can find more info at:
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Sapphires come in more colors than blue. Yellow sapphires are mined in Australia. Green sapphires come from Queensland. From Sri Lanka's gem-bearing gravels can be found sapphires
Sapphire is formed from deep within the Earth. Every few years some very few geysers (mostly underwater or in caves) spout volcanic mineral, having that mineral take years to harden
Sapphire is the non-red variety of corundum (the red variety of corundum is ruby). It occurs
1 Remember the Four C’s. The Four C’s, as in diamonds, is applicable to sapphires as well. These are: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. Unlike in diamonds, color in sapphires
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How Are Sapphires Formed?
Sapphires are a mineral called corundum. The corundum crystal is composed of aluminum oxide and is formed when exposed to high heat and pressure. It forms formed in igneous rocks like syenite, nephaline syenite and pegmatite. It is also formed in... More »
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When molten lava is slowly pushed over millions of years through to the Earth's crust from the core and mixes with different types of minerals, saphires are formed. A sapphire is the mineral corundum, which is second only to diamond in strength. The term sapphire is used to describe all forms of corundum except for red corundum which is known as ruby. When bits of titanium are found in the corundum, you get blue sapphires, which is the most common type of sapphire. Other minerals make different colours, chromium makes purple sapphires, iron makes green and yellow ones and chromium creates pink sapphires.
Sapphires are minerls that formed within the inner crusts of the Earth. They are formed from the elements that were deposited in the long period of time.
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