How Is a Star Made?


Stars are big balls of gas made of primarily hydrogen and helium. They start as gas clouds that over billions of years condense through gravity. After a while the mass grows so large that the gravity presses the atoms together into new elements and this called fusion and release great energy and a star is born. You can find more information here:
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Stars are made when gravity attracts very large amounts of gas and cosmic dust. These materials start condensing and will eventually heat up enough to start an atomic reaction. When
Stars are made up of gas and dust, and stars come together when an event in the universe creates a center of gravity that draws up all the matter into a star.
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It takes millions of years for free floating diatomic molecules of hydrogen gas in space to congregate in sufficient quantity to produce a protostar (the first stage) The collapse
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Stars are formed when clouds of gas, predominantly hydrogen and helium, and dust begin to condense due to gravity. The collapsing cloud forms a large, hot core that develops into a star.
A star begins from a cloud of hydrogen that has gravitationally collapsed. When this happens the fragments go on to become individual stars. You can find more information here:
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