How is a Termite Inspection Performed?


A termite inspection is usually performed by a licensed pest control company. They will check the ceiling and floor braces, the roof rafters and any other accessible areas of a building to see if termite activity is present. This is usually indicated by powdery wood dust or small particles around wooden supports. You can find more information here:
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How Is a Termite Inspection Performed?
Termites destroy homes throughout the country. They are particularly bothersome pests because their presence is difficult to detect. Many termite control and eradication services perform free or nominally priced inspections of homes.... More »
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Termite inspections are performed in two parts; indoor inspections and outdoor inspections. Outdoor inspections include looking at the yard, garage, crawl spaces and any other outdoor structures. The inspector will also examine leaves and debris on the ground to see if there are piles of dead winds or tiny mounds of sawdust. If there are any wood posts or wooden fences, the inspector will knock on these to see if they have a hollow sound. Mud tubes indicate termites as well. The indoor inspection includes attics and basements as well as the regular living space. The inspector will look into dark corners and between studs and beams using a flashlight. He will also examine every room in the house for tiny holes in drywall, paneling or wall paper, as well as damaged wood. You can find more information here:
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The inspector typically starts his analysis by looking at the yard, garage, crawl spaces under the house and any outdoor structures. He normally pokes and prods leaves and debris
An examination of a structure by qualified personnel to determine the existence of infestation by termites . Often required by the terms of a sales contract . See wood - destroying
1. Check the heating system equipment. Look particularly at boiler systems. 2. Check the water system. This is especially important if there is a well. 3. Check the septic system.
A termite inspection in San Diego runs between 50 and a hundred dollars. I would suspect it is similar across the country but I'm not certain.
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Termites cause damage to wood. Some signs of termites are tiny holes in your wood or paint bubbles. If you find wings laying around, that might be termites ...
A termite inspection cost would depend on your location and the provider that you choose. It is a good idea to call around to different providers and compare pricing ...
1. Start your search in areas of your home that tend to be damp or are adjacent to damp soil, including the basement and the property around your house. Termites ...
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