How is a wave-cut notch formed?


A wave-cut notches or platform, also known as shore platforms, are created by the action of waves. They are often most noticeable at low tide when they become evident as huge areas of flat rock. A wave-cut platform can be defined as a narrow flat region that is often found at the bottom of a sea cliff or beside in the shoreline of a sea or lake.
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type wave cut notches in wiki and you will find the answer. ps:wiki is not working right now. wave cut notches are formed when the sea erodes the bottom of a cliff. Every time the
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Most of the waves in the ocean are formed by wind. Waves can also be formed by earthquakes and by gravity. Gravity is responsible for the tides going in and out and the wave formation
( 窶イwト」 ¦kノ冲 窶イnテ、ch ) (geology) An indentation cut into a sea cliff at water level by wave action.
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A wave cut notch is a geographical term that refers to the groove found at the base of a sea cliff. The notch is caused by the erosive effect of waves and is usually ...
A wave-cut platform is a coastal geological feature, formed when ocean waves erode the rock at the base of a cliff, leaving a protruding area at the top and a ...
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