How Is Acetone Made?


Acetone is a chemical that is found naturally in the environment and is also produced by industries. Manufacture of acetone is done in one of two ways; the first is by the thermal decomposition of calcium acetate, and the second is by the carbohydrate fermentation of corn starch.
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Acetone is a very dangerous chemical made under extremely safe and strict conditions. Acetone is made during a chemical change known as the Cumene Process. You can find more information
what is acetone (product) made of ?
Acetone is the common name for the simplest of the ketones. The formula of acetone is CH3
(1E,5E)1,5-bis-4-methyl- phenyl)penta-1,4-diene- 3-one. Sorry this is so broken up. The program will not allow the fragments to be any longer.
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The acetone molecule is made up of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Of the three carbon atoms, two of them have 3 hydrogen atoms for a total of six. The middle carbon ...
The chemical formula for acetone is C3H6O. It can also be written OC(CH3)2. It is made up bonds between carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. This particular molecule is ...
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