How Is Big Ben Made?


Big Ben is made out of brick that is covered with limestone but the 'Great Bell' is made out of bellmetal. Big Ben is the nickname of the great bell of the clock found at the north of the Palace of Westminster located in London.
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The term Big Ben, is a term that is used to refer to a great bell of the clock and the tower that houses it which is found at the Northern end of the Westminster Palace in London. The clock is the largest four-faced chiming clock in the world and the third tallest free standing clock tower in the world.
Big Ben is a volcanic mountain located in the Heard Island of Australia. It was created from a compilation of lava flow and debris that continued for a long time resulting in the formation of a mountain.
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One of the most famous and iconic sights in London is that of Big Ben. This clock became fully operational on September 7, 1859, and is used to ring in the London New Year.
Bronze "Big Ben" (or to give it it's proper name, The Great Bell) is cast out of bellmetal, which is an alloy of bronze and tin. The tower Big Ben is on is made out of concrete
1. Stay away from chain hotels when visiting London. Make sure to find one that's convenient to a tube station or a major bus line. That will be convenient to take you to Big Ben
it's mainly a part of the house of parliament so it's located beside the the house of parliament which is located in central London.Tourists may want to catch the tourist bus which
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Big Ben is a name that is used to refer to a clock that is found on the Palace of Westminster. This name can also refer to the bell together with the tower on ...
Big Ben was designed by Charles Barry and Augustus Pugin. It was built by Whitechapel Bell Foundry after the original, made by bell makers John Warner & Sons ...
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