How Is Biomass Obtained?


The matter from recently living or living organisms is referred to as biomass. Biomass is obtained from several alcohol fuels, wood, plants, garbage, landfill gases, and waste. Biomass is considered a renewable resource.
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Biomass is made from plants and animals. Examples of biomass fuel are wood, manure and even garbage. These can be burned to produce energy.You can find more information here:
well according to my calculations i suppose that you obtain the source from burning wood and other woody type materials.
How is biomass converted to ethanol? The ethanol conversion process consumes conventional energy, which means it may not be an ideal alternate fuel source unless the process can change
Biomass is an amount of biological matter, usually described in terms of net loss or net gain for a specific amount of time. This value is typically expressed in terms of dry weight
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Biomass is an energy source that comes from recently living or living organisms. Examples of biomass used to create heat or electricity are trees and waste. You can find more information here:
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Biomass is a renewable energy that is organic in nature, having been made from plants and animals. It also contains stored energy obtained from the heat of the ...
Biomass is a form of renewable energy made from biological material and is obtained from either living or recently living organisms such plants, forest residues, ...
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