How Is Climate Affected by Latitude?


One of the most significant factors determining climate is latitude. Temperature ranges normally an increase with of the distance from the equator, and decrease as you go away from the equator. This is the reason why the sun's rays are scattered over a larger area of land as you move away from the equator.
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According to Latitude, intensity of Solar Radiation differs. Climate is a direct effect of Sun. More the heat a place receives, more the vivid climate.
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Some times the Northern hemisphere is closer to the sun than Southern hemisphere
Solar radiation and earth's atmosphere are the two factors determining the diiferent type of climates on the earth.Among these two,solar radiation plays an important role in deciding
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The latitude plays a major role in dictating the climate conditions of a certain area on the globe, because latitude determines how much sun exposure and area ...
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There are five factors that affect climate. For instance, there is latitude. Temperature range increases with the distance from the equator and decreases as you ...
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