How Is Corduroy Made?


Corduroy is made form cotton. Long wefts span several warps and when the weft is cut, it leaves behind high raised lines with fine backing fabric lines in between. The cord lengths usually run the length of the warp. Like velvet, Corduroy should be cut in one direction only.
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Corduroy is a fabric which a ribbed effect is produced on 1 side by regular "rows" or "cords"
By the special little elves who are solely trained in the production of corduroy material.and they are sworn to secrecy about their methods. So, unless you find an elf who is willing
As you know, corduroy is mined. What’s more interesting is the multimillion dollar lathe we’ve designed to turn corduroy at a laser-perfect, 90 degree angle.
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Corduroy is usually make of cotton. It is ribbed on the surface and extremely durable. ! ...
A corduroy rib is called a wale. This is a durable or long lasting fabric that has a rounded cord surface, which is created by a pile of yarn. It is woven so as ...
It is believed that it was worn in the late 19th century, but have little information at this time. Presumably the first corduroy material in America was imported ...
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