How Is Cotton Farming Harmful to the Soil?


The reason cotton farming can be harmful to the soil is because it can deplete the soil of the mineral used to make cotton grow. If a farmer rotates the crops he grows, it is better for the soil. It is also a good idea to give the soil a year of rest after so many years of planting.
Q&A Related to "How Is Cotton Farming Harmful to the Soil?"
Answer The Cotton requires mass amounts of nutrients and sucks it from the soil. Which is why farmers usualy use crop rotation when producing cotton
It's not cotton farming that is harmful to the soil. It is poor farming practice that is harmful to the soil. Over use of chemicals is a problem in all areas of large scale corporate
Conventionally grown cotton requires the use of large amounts of chemical pesticides to ensure a healthy crop, which may have a negative impact on the soil and the surrounding environment
Nationwide, there are no more than 12 organic-certified cotton
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